Shock Pulse Analyzer-888

Shock Pulse Analyzer-888
Shock Pulse Analyzer-888
Product Description


8 Functions in one

Shock Pulse Function, Vibration, Tachometer, Infrared Temperature, Noise Test and Current Clamp


  •  Shock Pulse Measurement
  • (Mechanical & lubrication, damage development of bearing)
  •  Vibration Measurement all three parameters
  • (Displacement, Acceleration & Velocity)
  • Laser Tachometer measurement
  • Infrared Temperature measurement
  • Current Clamp measurement (A/C)
  • Direct indication of machine condition in terms of good reduced-bad in bearing function
  • Noise (Mechanical sounds detection) For easy location of machinery noise in Industrial Environment
  • Microprocessor based
  • Back light LC Display
  • Auto Off
  • Battery Low Indication

Protective Maintenance:

  • To increase equipment availability with an effective machinery management program, it is important
  • to apply the appropriate maintenance strategy for all plant equipment. A predictive maintenance program optimized for a typical
  • plant environment has many rewards:
  • Eliminate unplanned equipment shutdowns
  • Extends the period between scheduled overhauls
  • Reduced spare parts inventory
  • Improves product quality, and ensure that new and rebuilt equipment meets specifications.
  • MCM Presents a small Micro Processor based diagnostic tool for comprehensive condition analysis of rotating machinery.
  • Objective measurements of machine condition are needed as a reliable base for preventive maintenance. Now maintenance
  • personal can analyze bearing (mechanical & lubrication) condition, measure / detect machine vibration, and check rotational
  • speed, temperature, Noise & current - with a single and easy to use instrument. The best way is to periodically monitor machine
  • condition for production efficiency.


Shock Pulse Function

Measuring Range: -19 to 99dBpv

Current Clamp: Measuring range: up to 200 Amps (A/C)


1 dBpv

Resolution: 1Amp


Accuracy: + 2%



0.1- 200 mm/s True RMS

Clamp jaw size: 16mm dia.
 Acceleration: 0.1 - 200 m/s Peak - Noise: Frequency 30 HZ to 20KHZ Head set: Stereo type


 0.5 -2800 m Peak - Peak

Power Supply: Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery


0.1 mm/s

Display: 4 x 16 line back light dot matrix LCD


+ 2% + 0.1 mm/s

 Operating Temp. Range: 0 - 55oC

Frequency response

10  1khz

 Sealed Membrane key pad

 Laser Tachometer

Measuring Range: up to 20,000 rpm

Input Connectors: BNC,TNC & Round


1 rpm

Casing: ABS


+ (1 rev. + 0.1% of reading)

Size: 230x100x45 mm

Infrared Temperature

Measuring Range: 0 - 550oC

 Weight: 750gms (Approximately)





+ 2% of reading or 2oC


Field of View

D/S = Approx. 8:1 ratio



Standard Supply

  •  Shock Pulse Analyzer - 888 With protective cover
  •  Shock Pulse Probe - 1no
  •  Head Phone - 1no
  •  Vibration sensor - 1set (Magnetic base, Hand held probe rod, Cable with connectors)
  •  Laser Tachometer Probe - 1no
  •  Infrared Temperature Probe - 1no
  •  Noise Probe Tip- 1no
  •  Current Clamp -1no
  •  Charger - 1 no
  •  Instrument Manual - 1no
  •  Test & Calibration Report with Warranty/Guarantee Certificate
  •  Carry Bag

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